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How to specify template function for STL container?

I need to write values of different types to a

. At one time we need to write one ore more values. I have tried to implement it like this:

wstringstream _str;

template<typename ValueType> //(1)
void WriteValue(const ValueType& val)
_str << val;

template<typename ValueType> //(2)
void WriteValue(const std::vector<ValueType>& vals)
for (auto it = vals.begin(); it!= vals.end(); ++it)
_str << L" ";

template<typename ValueType>
void WriteRecord(const std::wstring& name, const ValueType & val)
_str << name;

void Foo()
int bar = 0;
WriteRecord<int>(L"Lorem", bar); //it's okay

std::vector<int> buz(4, 0);
WriteRecord<int>(L"ipsum", buz); //it's error

I got the following error :

"cannot convert argument 2 from 'std::vector< int, std::allocator < int > >'
to 'int &'". As seen compiler tries to pass a vector to (1), not (2).

Why so? Is it possible to make it choose (2) specialized function template?

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WriteRecord<int>(L"ipsum", buz);

Here you explicitly say that ValueType should be an int. So the function signature is:

void WriteRecord(const std::wstring& name, const int& val)

And when you try to pass a std::vector as second argument, the compiler can't convert the std::vector to an int.

For functions, there is rarely a need to explicitly name the type of the template argument, you writing the call like this will work:

WriteRecord(L"ipsum", buz); //Compiler deduces ValueType

If you really need to specify the template argument, use decltype:

WriteRecord<decltype(buz)>(L"ipsum", buz);

or just write it out (not recommended)

WriteRecord<std::vector<int>>(L"ipsum", buz);