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how bad is it to use empty div and is there a difference between empty div and span as block elements?

Well, as the title says: is it consider as bad practice to use empty divs to style the page? of course if it's performance wise(instead of using images for example).

And second question is: is there any difference between div(as block element) and span(as block element) in any term of performance or anything else?


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To answer your first question bluntly, yes. If you are resorting to using empty divs to style a page, you need to learn more about the features that CSS provides. Given enough thought, you should be able to set up appropriate margins, or line-heights to make that happen. Or start working on a flexbox layout.

And for your second question, all elements are basically the same. But we appropriate different semantics to provide meaning. Quoted from SO: What is the difference between HTML tags <div> and <span>?:

  • But in modern HTML all elements are supposed to have meanings: a <p> is a paragraph, an <li> is a list item, etc., and we're supposed to use the right tag for the right purpose -- not like in the old days when we indented using <blockquote> whether the content was a quote or not.
  • So, what do you do when there is no meaning to the thing you're trying to do? There's no meaning to a 400px-wide column, is there? You just want your column of text to be 400px wide because that suits your design.
  • For this reason, they added two more elements to HTML: the generic, or meaningless elements <div> and <span>, because otherwise, people would go back to abusing the elements which do have meanings.