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Item with empty message in git reflog

I've just noticed item in my reflog with empty message. Do you have any idea what could create empty item in log, please?

fadea5a HEAD@{6}: merge stable/abc: Merge made by the 'recursive' strategy.
b03c8c7 HEAD@{7}: merge stable/xyz: Merge made by the 'recursive' strategy.
ca6fa32 HEAD@{8}: checkout: moving from BRANCH-PER-FEATURE-PREFIX-integration to integration
5c916dd HEAD@{9}:
5c916dd HEAD@{10}: checkout: moving from stable_master_14791972220.8707234494009218 to integration
ca6fa32 HEAD@{11}: checkout: moving from abz to stable_master_14791972220.8707234494009218
2392d5f HEAD@{12}: reset: moving to HEAD

Answer Source

I have manually created such items by mistake, by running git update-ref with some inappropriate parameters. I have not seen it created by other Git commands.

These "empty" entries are harmless, so you can just ignore them.

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