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C++ Question

make_tuple with template parameters does not compile

Consider this code:

#include <tuple>

int main()
int i;
long k;

auto tup1 = std::make_tuple<long>(i); // Compiles
auto tup2 = std::make_tuple<int>(k); // Compiles
auto tup3 = std::make_tuple<int>(i); // Does not compile
auto tup4 = std::make_tuple<int>(i+0); // Compiles
auto tup5 = std::make_tuple(i); // Compiles

Why does
auto tup3 = ...
not compile? Apparently,
wants an rvalue reference as its argument; but why?

(I'm using GCC 6.1.0.)

Answer Source

std::make_tuple and std::make_pair are designed to deduce template parameters (among other things, like unpacking reference wrappers). Providing them explicitly is a mistake.

In this particular case, it's because template deduction for rvalues yields their type, analogous to this example:

template<typename T>
void foo(T&&);

foo(42); // foo<int>(int&&)
int i{};
foo(i); // foo<int&>(int&) // after reference collapsing

and that's why make_tuple<int>(...) wants a rvalue reference to its argument.

If you want to force conversions, all you need to say is

auto tup1 = std::tuple<long>(i);
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