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Java Question

Why is a JSON response wrapped in a "_jqjsp" outer element?

I'm trying to reproduce some JSON using Spring MVC and Java. The JSON looks like this:

... (lots more) ...

Which Java object type would represent the outer element
and what is it for?

Answer Source

There is no Java object which represents this construct. Generate the JSON (which is a valid subset of JavaScript object literals) and then wrap it in the "correct" text.

See JSONP as for when this form is generated and how it is consumed:

In the JSONP usage pattern, the URL request pointed to by the <script>'s src attribute returns JSON data, with a function call wrapped around it. In this way, a function that's already defined in the JavaScript environment can manipulate the JSON data. A JSONP payload might look like this:

functionCall({"Name": "Foo", "Id": 1234, "Rank": 7});

While it might not be JSONP per se, depending upon how/where the blocks are generated, the same rules above apply: the output represents JavaScript code that can be executed directly.

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