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Apache Configuration Question

AUTH (crontab command not allowed) - Bitnami LAMP Stack centos

I'm trying to setup a crontab to execute at set intervals. The crontab job is setup as part of my PHP-Slim application running on Apache. For some reason, it just doesn't add the job to the crontab, so when I run the command:

crontab -u daemon -l

It says 'no crontab for daemon' (daemon is the default Apache account). I did manage to get the cronjob manually added using another account (and it executes with no further issues) so it's most likely a permissions issue. What is the best way to troubleshoot this, without resorting to things like chmod 777 (it will be a production server so I need to careful with setting permissions and documenting them)?

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Managed to find the answer just after posting.

I looked in the log file for cron:

cat /var/log/cron

Lots of (daemon) AUTH (crontab command not allowed) error messages. Some further googling lead me to look at /etc/cron/allow which doesn't exist, but /etc/cron.deny does, and the daemon account was listed there. Problem solved.

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