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PHP Question

Text does not get appended to file

The text file seems to be overwritten whenever I try appending more text to it. Here's the code:

header('Location: http://optifine.net/');
$txt = "data.txt";
$fh = fopen($txt, 'w+');
if (isset($_POST['field1']) && isset($_POST['field2'])) { // check if both fields are set
$txt=$_POST['field1'].' - '.$_POST['field2'];
file_put_contents('data.txt',$txt."\n",FILE_APPEND); // log to data.txt
fwrite($fh,$txt); // Write information to the file
fclose($fh); // Close the file


Answer Source

OP says "text file seems to be overwritten" means contents are written to file, so this is not an issue related to permissions.

try opening your file with

$fh = fopen($txt, 'a+');

instead of your line saying;

$fh = fopen($txt, 'w+');

Refer to PHP Documentation at http://php.net/manual/en/function.fopen.php

Explanations about mode.

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