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how to use select (col array())from table

Public Overloads Function SETData(Table As Tables, Col() As String) As Statuez
Dim DD As New DataSet, State As New Statuez
DD = R.Dset(Table, "Select **col()** from " & Table.TName & " where username='" & Table.User & "'")
DG.DataSource = DD.Tables(0)
State.Done = True
Catch ex As Exception
State.Done = False
State.Message = ex.Message
End Try
Return State
End Function

*** Col() As String is an array holds the names of columns needed

Is there any way to select column array with out typing every member of the array ?

Ric Ric
Answer Source

You can do this:

Dim result As String = String.Join(",", Col)

then use the result in the SELECT statement.

Aside from this, perhaps you should look at parameterizing your statements as it is vulnerable to sql injection.

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