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Assembly.GetExecutingAssembly doesn't exist in PCL

I set up a PCL in VB, VS2012 and set it for Profile 78 (WinRT, WinPhone8, .NET 4.5). I don't have

available on
. According to this, it should be available to PCLs. The only method available is

Does anyone what I should do with this? E.g. is this true, is my environment screwed up, is there another way to access
other than
Imports System.Reflection
? Any other ideas?

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In general, you should use something like typeof(MyType).GetTypeInfo().Assembly instead of Assembly.GetExecutingAssembly(). GetExecutingAssembly has to basically examine the call stack to figure out what method is calling it and then look up the corresponding assembly. This could break if methods are ever inlined across assembly boundaries, which is why the GetExecutingAssembly method isn't in the "new" reflection surface area which Profile 78 (as well as .NET for Windows Store apps) uses.

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