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Remove or Delete existing Websphere Application Server's profile

I want to remove Websphere Application Server profile and its service from my machine.

In Profile management tool i could see only option to create a profile and there is no option to delete existing profile

so how to delete and remove service of existing profile?

Answer Source
  1. First list out all profiles in your environment by using manageprofiles command.

    ex:WAS_Home/bin/manageprofiles.bat -listProfiles
  2. Stop all servers which are related to that profile.

  3. Stop node agents, dmgr process which are related to that profiles.
  4. Follow the syntax to delete profile using manageprofiles command Syntax:

    WAS_Rootbin/manageprofiles.bat  -delete -profileName <profile_name>

    manage profiles command has more options like username,password.

  5. After deleting profiles check list of profiles using manageprofiles command.

    manageprofiles.bat -listProfiles
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