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C# Text Editor without WPF?

Okay. I understand that I don't ask the right question and that's why I ask my pardon. I will try to explain my problem again. I have a task. It says that my Program must create a text file and then, while it is running on background I must open the created text file manually, write something(random text) and then write(on the same line) "@"-that is a sign after which I write some of those functions : "@save" - that creates new text file and move the random text form the first text file to the second one after i manually close the first text file, "@open" - takes the saved text form the new created file and display it in the first one. I have no better explanation and also i don't want the whole code but i started only with creating text file and don't know how to move forward.....

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 Process.Start("notepad.exe", filePath);

this works

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