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Play framework - Using anorm with Option[LocalDate] \ Option[LocalDateTime]

I am trying to define a nullable date field in postgres, while using anorm as connection to the database.

I am trying to update an entry:

def update(id: Long, startTime: Option[LocalDate]){
SQL("""UPDATE my_table
|SET start_date = {start_date}
|WHERE id = {id}
'id ->id,
'start_date -> startDate,

But I get a compilation error, looks like anorm can't handle Option[DateTime], although when I configured a parser it works form me:

val parser: RowParser[Info] = {
get[Long]("id") ~
get[Option[DateTime]]("start_date") map {
case id ~ startTime => Info(id, startDate)


What am I missing here?

Answer Source

I added my own implicit definitions:

implicit def rowToLocalDate: Column[LocalDate] = Column.nonNull {(value, meta) =>
   val MetaDataItem(qualified, nullable, clazz) = meta
   value match {
      case ts: java.sql.Timestamp => Right(new LocalDate(ts.getTime))
      case d: java.sql.Date => Right(new LocalDate(d.getTime))
      case str: java.lang.String => Right(fmt.parseLocalDate(str))
      case _ => Left(TypeDoesNotMatch("Cannot convert " + value + ":" + value.asInstanceOf[AnyRef].getClass) )


implicit val localDateToStatement = new ToStatement[LocalDate] {
    def set(s: java.sql.PreparedStatement, index: Int, aValue: LocalDate): Unit = {
       s.setTimestamp(index, new java.sql.Timestamp(aValue.toDateTimeAtStartOfDay().getMillis()))


And the relevant ParameterMetaData

implicit object LocalDateClassMetaData extends  ParameterMetaData[LocalDate] {
   val sqlType = ParameterMetaData.DateParameterMetaData.sqlType
   val jdbcType = ParameterMetaData.DateParameterMetaData.jdbcType

That made the trick

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