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CSS Question

Is it possible to debug CSS?

I am a CSS newbie. Is there a tool that can help debug CSS styles applied to a web page.

How does one generally debug CSS and resolve issues when some elements on the page are not appearing as they should? For now, I have to painfully comment out CSS declarations one by one to understand how the styles are getting displayed.

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By browser:

  • Firefox there is a plug in module called Firebug. It is easy to install and very powerful. It is even better when combined with 'Web Developer' for Firefox.

  • Internet Explorer has a Developer Toolbar, which is not as good as Firebug but good enough to check things still work in IE. Additionally there is a tool called IE DOM inspector. There is also a version of Firebug for IE caled Firebug Lite.

  • Google Chrome comes with built in tools similar to Firebug. See the 'tools->developer' option in the pull down menu to the right of the address bar. This allows you to see the css rules used by each element. It also has Javascript debugging support.

  • Safari uses a tool called Web Inspector.

  • Opera has a built-in utility called Dragonfly.