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accepts_nested_attributes_for rails 4 is not deleting

I have been reading and researching for about 3 days now.
This is my last resort.


has_many :uploads , :dependent => :destroy
accepts_nested_attributes_for :uploads, :allow_destroy => true,:reject_if => :all_blank


belongs_to :land


<%= form_for land , :html => {:multipart => true} do |f| %>

<%= f.fields_for :uploads do |builder| %>
<div class="land_fields">
<%= builder.label :filename, "Image" %>
<%= builder.text_field :filename %> <br/>
Delete: <%= builder.check_box :_destroy %>
<% end %>
#... buttons and other fields
<% end %>


def update
if @land.update_attributes(land_params)
flash[:success] = "Land updated"
redirect_to lands_path
flash[:alert] = @land.errors.full_messages.first
redirect_to edit_land_path

def land_params
params.require(:land).permit( uploads_attributes: [ :id, :filename ] )

When I add something to the text field and update it, all updates properly. If I click on the check-box it won't remove the field.

Can someone please shed a light on this?

Also I tried awesome_nested_fields still everything works except for removing the actual record.

thank you in advance.

EDIT: Solution: (I like to put the solution in the question in case someone wants to view it on mobile as I hate when I can't see the solution straight away)

Thanks to @nTraum

def land_params
params.require(:land).permit( uploads_attributes: [ :id, :filename, :_destroy ] )

And all will be dandy :)

Answer Source

You need to allow the :_destroy parameter for your nested model as well, as this gets used when you check the 'Delete' checkbox in the form. It's Rails' way of flagging model instances that have to be destroyed.

def land_params  
  params.require(:land).permit(uploads_attributes: [:id, :filename, :_destroy])
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