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Converting exponents to CSV using excel and C++

I'm trying to write a CSV file, and I have a value which is 6.49483e-005, that's written correctly in the CSV, but it doesn't display correctly in the excel. it reads as 6,48E+00.

I'm doing that in C++, if you want, you can ask for code, I'm using long double for the value that is written to the CSV and then convert it to string, then write it.

s = "00043E61"
digitstring = "00000000000001000011111001100001"
sum = 6.4753228798508644e-005
n = 278113

in CVS it's

in excel :

enter image description here

stringstream ss;
ss << hex << s;
unsigned n;
ss >> n;
bitset<32> b(n);
string digitstring = b.to_string();

if(digitstring[0] == '1')
negative = true;

long double sum = 0;
int exp = 1;
int v = 0;
v = 1;
v = 0;
for(; v < digitstring.size(); v++)
int b = digitstring[v] - '0';
long double result = (long double)b/power(2,exp);
exp = exp +1;

ostringstream os;
os << sum;

cxw cxw
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As @ThomasMatthews pointed out, your locale doesn't use . as a digit separator. Therefore, you need to format your numbers the way Excel is expecting them. Plus, commas in a CSV file need to be enclosed in double-quotes. Format your numbers as "6,49483e-005" before you output them to the CSV and you should be OK!

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