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Carbon laravel adding to file name

I have file upload in my controller and need to add carbon to end of my file so I can insert it into database as unique. I'm doing it like this

$upload->title = Auth::User()->id;
$current = Carbon::now();
$file = $request->file('file');
$file->move(storage_path(). '/', $file->getClientOriginalName());
$upload->name = $file->getClientOriginalName().$current;

My question is this, when showing it to user how can I remove it so that the user sees only file original name(with php I can do it but I would like to use "laravel way")

Answer Source

You can't add Carbon::now() to a filename since it has : in some filesystems, so do something like this:

$current = time(); // Will output something like 1478529571

Or if filenames are different and you just want to add date:

$current = date('Ymd'); // Will output something like 20161107.

Or, if you want to use Carbon:

$current = Carbon::now()->format('YmdHs'); // WIll output something like 201611071419
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