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Swift Question

Problems with the elements creating of the array of structure type

I've created a Structure type named


struct Location {
var XCoor: Int
var YCoor: Int

I want to create a array of type
I named it as

var places : Array<Location>

Quesiont: How to create the element for the Array?

Two of my wrong guesses

places[0](Xcoor: 10, YCoor: 12)// error: cannot call value of non-function type 'Location'

places[0].XCoor = 10
places[0].YCoor = 12 //error: constant 'places' passed by reference before being initialized

Answer Source

First of all you may want to use constants (instead of variables) and lowercase names inside Location.

struct Location {
    let x: Int
    let y: Int

Next this is how you create a mutable array of Locations(s)

var places = [Location]()

And this is how you add a location to places

places.append(Location(x: 1, y: 3))
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