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Java Question

Eclipse does not show src file

I have three different projects in my eclipse and yesterday src file became unvisible in one of the projects. Two days ago it was ok and I have no idea how this happened. I can not see src file in project explorer or package explorer.

Project Explorer :

Project Explorer

However, if I look with navigator I can see all files in the directories.

Navigator :


I use Eclipse Indigo SR2 and IBM Rational ClearCase for first two project. The other is my local test project.

Do anybody know how can I get back to src file into the project explorer?


Answer Source

Check your Java build path to make sure the src is present. Right click the project and select Build Path -> Configure Build Path. If the src directory is not present in the build path, it will not show up under the Java area as you have shown, but it will be present in the Navigator.

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