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Node.js Question

Convert string to buffer Node

I am using a library which on call of a function returns the toString of a buffer.

The exact code is

return Buffer.concat(stdOut).toString('utf-8');

But I don't want string version of it.

I just want the buffer

So how to convert string back to buffer.

Something like if

var bufStr = Buffer.concat(stdOut).toString('utf-8');
//convert bufStr back to only Buffer.concat(stdOut).

How to do this?

I tried doing

var buf = Buffer.from(bufStr, 'utf-8');

But it throws utf-8 is not a function.
When I do

var buf = Buffer.from(bufStr);

It throws TypeError : this is not a typed array.


Answer Source

You can do:

var buf = Buffer.from(bufStr, 'utf8');

But this is a bit silly, so another suggestion would be to copy the minimal amount of code out of the called function to allow yourself access to the original buffer. This might be quite easy or fairly difficult depending on the details of that library.

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