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Install software - Linux on NAS

I have this NAS : TerraMaster and I see that I could connect to this via SSH.

So I did this and want to see the processor activity with htop. I try to install it, with apt-get, yum etc... But none of this working 'command not found'.

uname -a say this :

Linux nathan30 4.0.0 #304 SMP Fri Jan 6 18:16:22 CST 2017 x86_64 GNU/Linux

I search how I could install some soft, but didn't find anything.

Do you have an idea of what Linux version the NAS is running, and how I can install what I want ?

Thanks in advance

Answer Source

By just looking at their website, you can see that TerraMaster has its own OS TerraMaster OS:

This question on stackoverflow might help you:

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