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Javascript: formatting a rounded number to N decimals

in JavaScript, the typical way to round a number to N decimal places is something like:

function round_number(num, dec) {
return Math.round(num * Math.pow(10, dec)) / Math.pow(10, dec);

However this approach will round to a maximum of N decimal places while I want to always round to N decimal places. For example "2.0" would be rounded to "2".

Any ideas?

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That's not a rounding ploblem, that is a display problem. A number doesn't contain information about significant digits; the value 2 is the same as 2.0000000000000. It's when you turn the rounded value into a string that you have make it display a certain number of digits.

You could just add zeroes after the number, something like:

var s = number.toString();
if (s.indexOf('.') == -1) s += '.';
while (s.length < s.indexOf('.') + 4) s += '0';

(Note that this assumes that the regional settings of the client uses period as decimal separator, the code needs some more work to function for other settings.)