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Java Question

Understanding method signature in NoSuchMethod exception

I got this exception but resolved it.

java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: antlr.NoViableAltForCharException.<init>

But i'd like to know how to interpret these kind of messages: "(CLjava/lang/String;II)V"
Also, does this "init" mention the constructor of NoViableAltForCharException class??


Answer Source

Type Signatures - taken from this page.

The JNI uses the Java VM’s representation of type signatures. Table 3-2 shows these type signatures.

Z                               boolean
B                               byte
C                               char
S                               short
I                               int
J                               long
F                               float
D                               double
L fully-qualified-class ;       fully-qualified-class
[ type                          type[]
( arg-types ) ret-type          method type

For example, the Java method:

long f (int n, String s, int[] arr);

has the following type signature:

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