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Git - nothing to commit (working directory clean)?

I started getting this message. No matter what I edit and try to commit, it says there is nothing to commit. Looks like git does not see my working directory and looking somewhere else.

If I run

git status
it outputs the same:

nothing to commit (working directory clean)

If I create new branch and edit something, then same thing happens. This started happening when I needed to fix merge clashes. When I wanted to merge my one branch with master branch, I had to manually fix it and I needed my files to look exactly as in that branch overwriting master branch those same files. So I added those files and it let me merge it. But then no matter what I change it shows as there is nothing to commit.

What could be done here?

Answer Source

Found what was wrong. I don't understand how, but .git directory path somehow was changed to other path than I was working in. So then anything I changed was not checked, because git was checking in other place. I noticed it, when I reinitialized it and it showed that it reinitialized entirely different directory. When I cd .. from my current directory and cd to it back again and then reinitialized yet again, then it switched back to correct .git directory and started seeing my changes.

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