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iOS Question

UIImageView as a SubView of UIView in my UIViewController Class

I have a

in which I added a
. In that
I added some
s through programming. What I need is that when I click the image it shows in a new

ViewController : UIViewController {
myUIview[[imageview] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] ]

Answer Source

If I understand correctly you want to segue to another ViewController when your users press on an UIImageView. So here is my solution using an UITapGestureRecognizer (put this code in viewDidLoad):

yourImageView.isUserInteractionEnabled = true
let yourImageTapGesture = UITapGestureRecognizer(target: self, action: #selector(ViewController.test(_ :)))
yourImageTapGesture.delegate = self
yourImageTapGesture.numberOfTapsRequired = 1

Then in your ViewController you have to make the function test, which is triggered when somebody taps on your UIImageView:

func test(_ sender: AnyObject) {
    self.performSegue(withIdentifier: "YourSegueName",sender: self)

Important: "YourSegueName" is the Identifier of your Segue in your Storyboard. You can set it by clicking on your Segue:

enter image description here

Keep in my mind that your ViewController needs to inherit from one more class:

class ViewController: UIViewController, UIGestureRecognizerDelegate {...}
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