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Maven-pdf-plugin: How to include nested items in pdf?

I'm generating a pdf document from my maven site documentation using the maven-pdf-plugin. The documentation is written in Markdown.

Unfortunately the generated document does not include nested


For example, I have the the following content in my

<menu name="Documentation">
<item name="Sweets" href="sweets/sweets.html" collapse="true">
<item name="Chocolate" href="sweets/chocolate.html"/>
<item name="Bublegum" href="sweets/bublegum.html"/>
<item name="Marzipan" href="sweets/marzipan.html"/>

In the resulting pdf I have the contents of
, but not the content of all the sub items.

I also tried using a
file with the following content included:

<toc name="Table of Contents" depth="4">
<item name="Sweets" ref="sweets/">
<item name="Chocolate" ref="sweets/"/>
<item name="Bublegum" ref="sweets/"/>
<item name="Marzipan" ref="sweets/"/>

Which gave me the same result.

Looking at the document model reference, it should be possible to nest

What am I doing wrong?

Here is some additional information:

Maven: 3.3.1

maven-pdf-plugin: 1.2

doxia-module-markdown: 1.6

Answer Source

Using maven-pdf-plugin Version 1.3 fixed the problem.