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Javascript Question

RegEx for password validation, only specific characters

I am trying to create a Regular Expression for password validation. Here are the requirements.

  1. Minimum length 8.

  2. At least 1 upper case.

  3. At least 1 lower case.

  4. At least 1 number.

  5. 0 or more of these characters !@#$%^&*?_~()- allowed.

  6. a-z allowed.

  7. A-Z allowed.

  8. 0-9 allowed.

Here is the expression i have so far:


This expression works mostly, except i need it to only allow bullets 5-9. Right now it will allow characters that are not specified, for example

How can i modify this expression to only allow bullets 5-9 and no other characters?

Answer Source

You don't need lookahead-checks for the first and for the fifth to eigth condition - you can check this all in the final match, like


Using your lookahead checks for conditions 2-4. For the actual match we need at least 8 characters of your allowed characters. I have used \w intead of a-zA-Z0-9_ to keep things a bit shorter.

You can see it working here.

Site note: Restricting characters in passwords is usually seen as a bad idea. Also xkcd has something to say about passwords.

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