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PHP Question

Get each line from textarea

<textarea> put returns between paragraphs
for linebreak add 2 spaces at end
indent code by 4 spaces
quote by placing > at start of line

$text = value from this textarea;

How to:

1) Get each line from this textarea (
) and work with them using

2) Add
<br />
to the end of each line, except the last one?

3) Throw each line to an array.

Important - text inside textarea can be multilanguage.

Have tried to use:

$text = str_replace('\n', '<br />', $text);

But it doesn't work.


Answer Source

You will want to look into the nl2br() function along with the trim().

The nl2br() will insert <br /> before the newline character (\n) and the trim() will remove any ending \n or whitespace characters.

$text = trim($_POST['textareaname']); // remove the last \n or whitespace character
$text = nl2br($text); // insert <br /> before \n 

That should do what you want.


The reason the following code will not work is because in order for \n to be recognized, it needs to be inside double quotes since double quotes parse data inside of them, where as single quotes takes it literally, IE "\n"

$text = str_replace('\n', '<br />', $text);

To fix it, it would be:

$text = str_replace("\n", '<br />', $text);

But it is still better to use the builtin nl2br() function, PHP provides.


Sorry, I figured the first question was so you could add the linebreaks in, indeed this will change the answer quite a bit, as anytype of explode() will remove the line breaks, but here it is:

$text = trim($_POST['textareaname']);
$textAr = explode("\n", $text);
$textAr = array_filter($textAr, 'trim'); // remove any extra \r characters left behind

foreach ($textAr as $line) {
    // processing here. 

If you do it this way, you will need to append the <br /> onto the end of the line before the processing is done on your own, as the explode() function will remove the \n characters.

Added the array_filter() to trim() off any extra \r characters that may have been lingering.

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