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Tools Debugging CSS in Internet Explorer

Are there tools other than Firebug Lite that might help one get into Internet Explorer's buggy little mind and find out precisely where and why it's mangling my CSS so badly?

Firebug Lite is a useful tool of course, but it seems to be missing the crucial feature (present in the 'full' Firebug plugin) that allows you to see which parts of which declarations are ignored in favor of other declarations.

For example, using Firefox with Firebug I can see that

.foo {color: red}
is overridden by
.bar {color: blue}
later in the stylesheet.

But, Firebug lite only seems to show the final, calculated style -- I can't tell which declarations are being ignored, which are being overridden, which aren't supported at all, and which are just plain buggy.

Is there another tool that might be helpful here?

Answer Source

I am using IE8 Developer Tools (which is included out of the box), it can show style tracing.

IE7 have also Microsoft-supplied add on called IE Dev Toolbar. Have not used this extensively though.

What version of IE are you using?

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