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Running Selenium script in JMeter is not working

I have created the Selenium Web Driver script in intelliJ IDEA and after that, I have created the Jar file of the selenium script and configured the jar file in JMeter_Home/lib.

Then, Created the Test Plan in JMeter in which added the JUnit Request sampler with Class Name, Method Name and also added the Listners (View Result Tree).

On running the Test plan its not working. So, how can I resolve this?

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  1. You should put your .jar file with tests to lib/junit folder
  2. You also need to place all the Selenium dependency jars into lib folder (or any other folder on the JMeter Classpath)
  3. In case of any problems first of all check jmeter.log file, in majority of cases it has enough troubleshooting information
  4. It may be easier to use WebDriver Sampler plugin instead of running Selenium tests through JUnit

Check out How to Use JUnit With JMeter article for more details on running JUnit tests via JMeter

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