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How to install NodeJS LTS on Windows as a local user (without admin rights)

I'm using Windows as a simple user (I don't have any admin rights) and want to install NodeJS LTS.

On the download site I have the choice to download only the binary

(which don't includes
) or the
installer which requires the admin rights to execute.

How can I manually install
and also be able to use

Answer Source

Let say you want to install it into %userprofile%\Applications\nodejs-lts, let's name it <NODE_PATH>.

  1. Download the LTS node.exe binary for Windows and copy it to <NODE_PATH>.

  2. Add <NODE_PATH> to your PATH environment variable (set PATH=<NODE_PATH>;%PATH% or using Windows user interface)

  3. Download the stable at{VERSION}.tgz npm package (following the documentation)

  4. Unzip the npm-{VERSION}.tgz anywhere (using 7zip for example)

  5. Launch a cmd and cd into the place where you have unzipped npm

  6. Execute: node cli.js install -gf

The last command is specified in the Makefile for target install, target which the invites to execute when manually installing.

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