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RegEx - URL starts with http(s)

basically I would like to check whether an URL starts with http/https or not. I am def. no expert in RegEx but I am kinda confused on why my approach is wrong.

My expression:


I am using RegExr to check whether my expression is working or not and it shows me that it did not match anything.

Anyone got any input for me? Damn RegEx!

Edit: This site - - states that my expression is working. :^)

Edit2: Using RegExr and adding my expression

While using the input:

Does not return a match. However, wenn the input is only one link not followed by any kind of symbol (not even a space) it does work.
Does that mean that my expression is wrong?


To use Regex in JavaScript you can use either the RegExp constructor or wrap your Regular expression between two / characters.

And you can simplify your Regular expresion like so ^(https?) where:

^ asserts position at start of the string

1st Capturing Group (https?)

http matches the characters http literally (case sensitive)

s? matches the character s literally (case sensitive) and ? Quantifier — Matches between zero and one times

This is a working Snippet:

var str = "";


  • Here str.match(/^(https?)/) will return an array containing all the matched strings.
  • And if you want to test your Regex in a multiline text use the g global modifier with your Regex: /^(https?)/g