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Double tap in IOS Simulator Not working

I am trying to

double tap
an element in IOS Simulator using appium but unable to do so.

Methods tried:

action.tap(x=xx, y=yy, count=1).release().perform()

2 times in a row,but it seems there is a 2 second gap which in real world would not be a double tap


same problem as above

action.press(x=xx, y=yy).wait(500).release().perform().press(x=0, y=0).wait(500).perform()

no result

action.tap(x=xx, y=yy, count=2).release().perform()

no result.

Is there any thing else i can try or any other method which works on

Answer Source

I call it in a similar way the first method you listed, its not as fast as double tap, but its less than one second delay Appium::TouchAction.new.tap(x: xx, y: yy, count: 2).perform

.tap dont need to use release, only .press need it

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