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Symfony 3 - menu without bundle

I have big static main menu with only 3 items which I need load from database. These items have own children so they are in multidimensional array and each item need own select so 3x select = 3x multi array.

I think I don't need any bundles because select this items is fast and easy. (+ it is project with non-standard db structure so implement bundle could be harder)

But I am new in Symfony so my question is how can I load menu items from db on one place and after this send they to view? I don't want load this items in every controller/method.

I am already tried make twig extension but after get this array i need iterate it and build html string in php class... I think it's a very bad idea...

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Twig Extension is the right way to go here. But you don't have to build html string in PHP (which indeed would be wrong). You can render a Twig template inside the extension class.

Example code:

namespace AppBundle\Twig;

class MenuExtension extends \Twig_Extension

    public function __construct() //suitable dependecies here - probably Doctrine
         //assign params to class properties

    public function getName()
        return 'menu_extension';

    public function getFunctions()
       return [
           new \Twig_SimpleFunction('menuRenderer', [$this, 'menuRenderer'], [
               'needs_environment' => true,
               'is_safe' => ['html']

    public function menuRenderer(\Twig_Environment $environment)
          //do all the work to get data from DB

          return $environment->render('AppBundle:Menu:main-menu.html.twig', array(
                //pass data to template
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