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Angular directive unit test issue when passing data into the directive for testing

Angular directive unit test issue when passing data into the directive for testing.

I'm having trouble when I pass a data object into the directive.

I get the following error: "Syntax Error: Token 'Object' is unexpected, expecting []] at column 9 of the expression [[object Object]] starting at [Object]]"

This is my unit test:

describe("Pagination:", function () {

var element,


beforeEach(inject(function ($rootScope, $compile) {
scope = $rootScope.$new();

//Seems to be an issue here:
mockData = {
data: [],
meta: {},
links: {}

element = "<pagination data=\"" + mockData + "\"></pagination>";
element = $compile(element)(scope);



it("should emit for more data when get data is called", function () {
sinon.stub(scope, "$emit");

expect(scope.$emit.calledWith("pagination:getTabPage", "dummyUrl")).toEqual(true);

The test seems fine.
Just seems to be an issue with the setup of the test.

This is the html:

<pagination data="data"></pagination>

This is the directive I'm looking to test:

.directive("pagination", [function() {
return {
restrict: "E",
scope: {
data: "="
templateUrl: "pagination.html",
link: function(scope) {
scope.totalPages =["total-pages"];

scope.getData = function(pageUrl) {
if (pageUrl !== null) {
scope.$emit("pagination:getTabPage", pageUrl);

Answer Source

The value for mockData needs to be encoded prior to being joined into a string.

element = "<pagination data=\"" + angular.toJson(mockData) + "\"></pagination>";

The other option would be to simply add the mockData object as a property on the scope and reference that in the HTML that you are compiling in your test.

scope.mockData = { … };
element = "<pagination data='mockData'></pagination>";
element = $compile(element)(scope);
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