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C Question

How does the C compiler parse the following C statement?

Consider the following lines:

int i;

Will the lexical analyzer go into the string to parse
as separate tokens, or will it parse "%d" as one token?

Answer Source

There are two parsers at work here: first, the C compiler, that will parse the C file and basically ignore the content of the string (though modern C compilers will parse the string as well to help catch bad format strings — mismatches between the % conversion specifier and the corresponding argument passed to printf() to be converted).

The next parser is the string format parser built into the C runtime library. This will be called at runtime to parse the format string when you call printf. This parser is of course very simple in comparison.

I have not checked, but I would guess that the C compilers that help checking for bad format strings will implement a printf-like parser as a post-processing step (i.e. using its own lexer).

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