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Apache Configuration Question

Wamp server cant enable/disable modules (for apache)

I cant enable APACHE modules on WAMP-Server.
After i click the module name (which is not-checked), then server restarts, but when i go to modules, then module is not still enabled.

I even manually opened httpd.conf and enabled module, restarted server, but module is not still enabled!

Has anyone faced similar problem ? what's solution?

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A couple of tips.

  • WAMPServer must be installed as an Administrator so when you launch the install right click the .exe and select "Run as Administrator"

  • WAMPServer must also be Run As Administrator

  • When you attempt to include or exclude a new Apache or PHP extension, WAMPserver will attempt to restart Apache so the changes takes effect. If the changes do not show up, it may just be that the menu just skipped a beat, then try a refresh by doing

    right click wampmanager -> refresh

If you install WAMPServer using the "Run as Administrator" but attempt to run WAMPServer without using the "Run As Administrator" it will not have the rights to amend some of its own files. This can cause problems like this one, and many others.

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