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Steps to setting up relational database (sqlite) in swift

I am working on an iOS app and I want to set up a relational database for it. I read that SQLite is a good database to use. I'm making the app in Swift. I've looked at several tutorials but it seems like all the ones that I found have the DBManager class or libraries in objective-c. Therefore, I would need a wrapper for the db class. I'm not really sure how the wrapper works and how I would be calling objective-c methods using swift syntax.

I was wondering if someone could help clarify the whole process for this from creating the database file and adding it to your xcode project to using objective-c libraries with swift syntax in order to run queries against the database file.

Also, is it worth it to just use Core Data which seems easier to use instead?

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Objective-C tutorials are still more-or-less relevant, but obviously won't bring Swift-specific niceties into the fold (nor does FMDB, currently, as recommended by another commenter). I ended up writing SQLite.swift to utilize some of the more interesting aspects of Swift (type-safety and generics, optionals):

SQLite.swift provides compile-time safety/confidence, and removes the need for a lot of error handling. Statements and expressions are built in Swift proper, so runtime SQL syntax errors are unlikely.

See the documentation for more information on creating the database file and where to store it (depending on your needs):

As far as Core Data is concerned, it (like most Apple libraries at the time of this answer) doesn't take advantage of Swift, but has a rich legacy and may be the way to go, especially for a smaller, persistent object graph. However, if you want control over a relational database, or if you plan on storing a large dataset that changes frequently, you may become frustrated with Core Data (and the domain-specific knowledge you'll need to attain),

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