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Truncate/round whole number in JavaScript?

For a script I'm writing, I need display a number that has been rounded, but not the decimal or anything past it. I've gotten down to rounding it to the third place, but I'm not sure how to go about just dropping the decimal and everything past it, as it doesn't seem like JavaScript has a

function like PHP does.

Any recommendations?

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If you have a string, parse it as an integer:

var num = '20.536';
var result = parseInt(num, 10); // 20

Otherwise, ECMAScript 6 offers Math.trunc for completely consistent truncation, already available in Firefox 24+ and Edge:

var num = -2147483649.536;
var result = Math.trunc(num); // -2147483649

If you can’t rely on that and will always have a positive number, you can of course just use Math.floor:

var num = 20.536;
var result = Math.floor(num); // 20

And finally, if you have a number in [−2147483648, 2147483647], you can truncate to 32 bits using any bitwise operator. | 0 is common, and >>> 0 can be used to obtain an unsigned 32-bit integer:

var num = -20.536;
var result = num | 0; // -20
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