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APKtools (APK Studio) Could not decode arsc file

I am tring to decompile an APK with AKP-Studio (it uses Apktool 2.0.0-Beta9) but on every APK I get this error:

May 05, 2015 5:38:30 PM brut.androlib.ApkDecoder decode

INFO: Using Apktool 2.0.0-Beta9 on com.****-1.apk

May 05, 2015 5:38:30 PM brut.androlib.res.AndrolibResources loadMainPkg

INFO: Loading resource table...

Exception in thread "main" brut.androlib.AndrolibException: Could not decode arsc file

at brut.androlib.res.decoder.ARSCDecoder.decode(

at brut.androlib.res.AndrolibResources.getResPackagesFromApk(

at brut.androlib.res.AndrolibResources.loadMainPkg(

I checked it on different systems with different versions of windows (64 and 32 bit)

My java version is: "1.8.0_45"

Please let me know if have any solution for this.

Answer Source

You must have to download apktoo_2.0.0rc file. then after You can decompile your apk file and will not get arcs file error.

You can download latest file version from Here

Now Rename your "apktool_2.0.0rc4.jar" to "apktool.jar".

Now delete old "apktool.jar" file from your apktool folder.

Now put this new "apktool.jar" file in your apktool folder where old "apktool.jar" was placed.

now same run your cmd commands like apktool if framework-res.apk

and next

apktool d "your appname.apk without quotes"

and keep smile..

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