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C# Question

How can I access an instance outside of the method it was created in?

I am working on a console app that transmits OutGauge data to an Arduino, but I'm stuck with the problem described below.

Here's the top of my code:

using System;
using InSimDotNet.Out;
using ArduinoDriver;
using ArduinoUploader.Hardware;
using ArduinoDriver.SerialProtocol;

class Program
static void Main()
var driver = new ArduinoDriver.ArduinoDriver(ArduinoModel.NanoR3, true);

I need to access
(which I created in the
method) in
To be specific, I need to use its

static void outgauge_PacketReceived(object sender, OutGaugeEventArgs e)
//I need driver.Send() here.

Answer Source

declare driver at the class level:

static ArduinoDriver _driver;

static void Main()
   _driver = new ArduinoDriver.ArduinoDriver(ArduinoModel.NanoR3, true);

You declare it as a class member, then still instantiate it in Main

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