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AngularJS Question

How to set custom header names with ALASQL and XLSX

I'm exporting some tables to excel, using angular, alasql and xlsx. I'm using it as follows:

var options = {
headers: true,
sheetid: 'users',
columns: [{
columnid: 'a',
title: 'Username'
}, {
columnid: 'b',
title: 'First name'
}, {
columnid: 'c',
title: 'Last name'

alasql('SELECT * INTO XLSX("test.xlsx", ?) FROM ?', [options, $scope.users]);

I was expecting the columnns option to customize my table headers. But it ain't doing it.

Any clue why?


I managed to customize the headers by using plain SQL:

alasql('SELECT firstName AS FirstName INTO XLSX("test.xlsx", ?) FROM ?', [options, $scope.users]);

That worked, the header for the firstName would be FirstName.