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XMPPIQ doesn't set vCard tag in the vCard

I am trying to retrieve vCards for few JIDs, including the current user. I initialized and activated

using following code -

_xmppvCardStorage = [XMPPvCardCoreDataStorage sharedInstance];
_xmppvCardTempModule = [[XMPPvCardTempModule alloc] initWithvCardStorage:self.xmppvCardStorage];
_xmppvCardAvatarModule = [[XMPPvCardAvatarModule alloc] initWithvCardTempModule:self.xmppvCardTempModule];
[self.xmppvCardTempModule activate:self.xmppStream];
[self.xmppvCardAvatarModule activate:self.xmppStream];
[self.xmppvCardAvatarModule addDelegate:self delegateQueue:dispatch_get_main_queue()];
[self.xmppvCardTempModule addDelegate:self delegateQueue:dispatch_get_main_queue()];

And then I implemented the following delegate methods -

- (void)xmppvCardTempModule:(XMPPvCardTempModule *)vCardTempModule
didReceivevCardTemp:(XMPPvCardTemp *)vCardTemp
forJID:(XMPPJID *)jid{
DDLogDebug(@"Received vCard for %@ \n vCard:%@",jid.full,vCardTemp.XMLString);
ContactCore* contact = [appDelegate.coreDataController findContact:jid.user];
contact.vCard = vCardTemp;
[appDelegate.dataController postContactUpdateNotification:contact];
- (void)xmppvCardTempModuleDidUpdateMyvCard:(XMPPvCardTempModule *)vCardTempModule{
[self.selfContact setVCard:vCardTempModule.myvCardTemp];
- (void)xmppvCardTempModule:(XMPPvCardTempModule *)vCardTempModule failedToUpdateMyvCard:(DDXMLElement *)error{
DDLogDebug(@"failedToUpdateMyvCard Error: %@",error.XMLString);

-(void)xmppvCardAvatarModule:(XMPPvCardAvatarModule *)vCardTempModule didReceivePhoto:(UIImage *)photo forJID:(XMPPJID *)jid{
ContactCore* contact = [appDelegate.coreDataController findContact:jid.user];

The problem is that none of these delegate methods ever gets called. I can see the vCard output in the Log data which means that the vCards are getting fetched properly. So I implemented
to get the vCards directly from the source, using the following code -

- (BOOL)xmppStream:(XMPPStream*)sender didReceiveIQ:(XMPPIQ *)iq{
XMPPvCardTemp *vCard = [XMPPvCardTemp vCardTempSubElementFromIQ:iq];
ContactCore* contact = [appDelegate.coreDataController findContact:iq.from.user];
contact.vCard = vCard;
return NO;

But the
never gets initialized. I checked the IQs and I was receiving them properly. Then I checked the whole XML properly and found out that the
tag was absent and it was replaced with the actual name of the contact. For example this is what I was getting for one of the contact -

xmlns="jabber:client" from="" to="" id="12345" type="result">
xmlns="vcard-temp" prodid="-//HandGen//NONSGML vGen v1.0//EN" version="2.0">
<BINVAL><!--A long Base64 code--></BINVAL>

The tag
should be
for the
method to identify it as a
. I want to know if it's a normal behavior or is there something I am doing wrong here? If it's something I am doing wrong, what should be the correct way to do it?

Answer Source

While saving a vCard I was using name property of the vCard to set name of the contact. This property actually changes the tag name, not the contact name. I started using nickname property after realizing my mistake.

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