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React JSX Question

create personal collections for logged in users

import {favRestaurants} from '/lib/collections';
import {Meteor} from 'meteor/meteor';
import {check} from 'meteor/check';

export default function () {
'favRestaurants.create' (id, name, rating, priceLevel, type) {
check(id, String);
check(name, String);
check(rating, Number);
check(priceLevel, Number);
check(type, String);
const createdAt = new Date();
const restaurant = {id, name, rating, priceLevel, type, createdAt};
if(check(Meteor.user()) == null){
console.log('onlye logged in users can data');

This is my insert method for adding data to the restaurants collections. When i console log the 'check(Meteor.user())' in the console i get null as output. By that logic you shouldn't be able to add data to the collection, although this is still possible.

I would also like to make the FavResaurants collection personal for each user. Iv'e tried to check if there is a user and then adding a collection in the main.js file on the client side.

Meteor.loggingIn(() => {
console.log('check for user method');
var restId = 0;
if(Meteor.user() != null){
console.log('created new collection for the user');
const FavRestaurants = new Mongo.Collection('favRestaurants' + restId);

I dont get any output to console using this method, which i found in the meteor docs. Is the code in the wrong place? Any help is much appriciated.

According to the docs the Accounts.ui.config is the method i should use. But I'm not sure in code i should put it. So far the placement of this method has resulted in my application crashing.

Answer Source

Answering your first question, to allow only logged-in clients to access a method, you should use something like:

if (!Meteor.userId()) {
   throw new Meteor.Error('403', 'Forbidden');

Now, I see you want a collection to store favorite restaurants for each user in client side. But as I see it, there'd be only one logged in user per client, so you don't need a separate collection for each user (as the collection is in each client), you can just refer the user with it's id, and then fetch a user's favorite restaurants by a query like:

FavRestaurants.find({user: Meteor.userId()});

Moreover, as the docs suggest, Meteor.loggingIn is a method which tells you if some user is in the process of logging in. What you are doing is over-riding it, which doesn't make sense.

You should do something like:

if (Meteor.loggingIn()) {
  // Do your stuff

Hope it gives you more clarity.

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