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Selecting element after 'this'

I need to select multiple elements at once for a function. I've got


var $parent = $(this).parent()
var $both = $(this, 'this + div[class^="shapeRight"]')
$both.css({'height': parent.height() + 20})


<div class="shapeLeftDiamond"></div>
<div class="shapeRightDiamond"></div>

The part where I say
$(this, 'this + div[class^="shapeRight"]')
doesn't seem to work.
The clicked element does get its height changed, but its direct neighbor with a class starting with

How do I select the clicked element and its
sibling at once?


Answer Source

Either use .next() if it is the exact following node

var thisShape = $(this).next().addBack();

or use .siblings() if they share the same parent but might have other elements in the DOM between them

var thisShape = $(this).siblings('[class^="shapeRight"]').addBack();

In both cases you alse need to add the .addBack() at the end, to include the current element in the selection (the this in your case)

Demo at