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How to call a MSSQL Stored Procedure using Sequelize?

I am struggling with calling a MS SQL Stored Proc using Sequelize. This is how i normally call the stored proc from SSMS


DECLARE @return_value int

EXEC @return_value = [dbo].[GetThings_ByLocation]
@BeginDate = N'2016-06-23',
@EndDate = N'2016-07-09',
@LocationID = NULL

SELECT 'Return Value' = @return_value


How would i make this call using sequelize?

Answer Source

Sequelize uses npm package Tedious ( to work with MS SQL. Connecting to the database is the same as others.

You can use raw query to get results from stored procedures.

sequelize.query('GetThings_ByLocation @BeginDate=\'2016-08-01\', @EndDate=\'2016-08-07\', @LocationID=NULL;')
  .then(function(result) {
      console.log('RESULT', result);
  .error(function(err) {
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