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Correct deployment script for Azure Git backed continuous Deployment

I have a ASP.Net 4.5 MVC application which uses Angular 1.5. The JS code is Typescript and a post build action builds the js code and deploys it to the folder where my application refers to.

I have a Slot on my azure web app which is backed my gitlab repo. Committing to the repo, triggers the deployment, however the post deployment build frequently seems to have issues when a bower/npm or typings library is updated (which is resolved by manually clearing the folder via the kudu console). Does someone have an example of a deploy.cmd script which does the equivalent of

  • npm install

  • typings install

at the correct point in the pipeline so that the files get deployed correctly.
I want to start scratch with a new slot, and to get the existing slot to work in the past i had to manually install typings for example
"npm install typings --global"
in order to get the build to work without a typings error.

Update Output Below
I'm guessing that the errors below are due to azure running typescript 1.6 compiler over reference files which need typescript > 1.6.
My csproj has

(ive removed my files from the compile output, but the _all.d.ts file does reference the errored files below

D:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft SDKs\TypeScript\1.6\tsc.exe --sourcemap --target ES5 --noEmitOnError "REMOVED MY TYPESCRIPTFILES" "D:\home\site\repository\mymvcproject\app\src\_all.d.ts"
D:\home\site\repository\mymvcproject\typings\globals\angular\index.d.ts(1824,32): error TS1110: Build: Type expected. [D:\home\site\repository\mymvcproject\mymvcproject.csproj]
D:\home\site\repository\mymvcproject\typings\globals\angular\index.d.ts(1824,50): error TS1005: Build: ']' expected. [D:\home\site\repository\mymvcproject\mymvcproject.csproj]
D:\home\site\repository\mymvcproject\typings\globals\angular\index.d.ts(1824,58): error TS1005: Build: ',' expected. [D:\home\site\repository\mymvcproject\mymvcproject.csproj]
D:\home\site\repository\mymvcproject\typings\globals\angular\index.d.ts(1824,59): error TS1136: Build: Property assignment expected. [D:\home\site\repository\mymvcproject\mymvcproject.csproj]
D:\home\site\repository\mymvcproject\typings\globals\angular\index.d.ts(1941,1): error TS1128: Build: Declaration or statement expected. [D:\home\site\repository\mymvcproject\mymvcproject.csproj]
Done Building Project "D:\home\site\repository\mymvcproject\mymvcproject.csproj" (Build;pipelinePreDeployCopyAllFilesToOneFolder target(s)) -- FAILED.

After the typescript team finally generated a version of typescript 2.* which could be installed on Azure, and then the Kudu team deployed it. Now the whole process works! the note from below about using

"preinstall": "npm install typescript -g && npm install typings -g"

Was the other part of the solution!

Answer Source

According to your requirement, you could follow the steps below to achieve your purpose.

Create a deployment script

You could log in to KUDU tool (https://.scm.azurewebsites.net/), click "Tool" > "Download deployment script". Also, you could leverage azure-cli to generate the script. For more details about how to generate deployment script via azure-cli, you could refer to this tutorial.

Customize the deployment script

For using NPM to manage your packages, you could add the following scripts in your package.json file.

    "preinstall": "npm install typescript -g && npm install typings -g"

Then, you need to add the following scripts to the deploy.cmd file.

  echo installing npm package
  call :ExecuteCmd npm install --production
  IF !ERRORLEVEL! NEQ 0 goto error

Or you could add the following scripts to install typescript and typings directly via command line.

echo Installing typescript and typings
call npm install typescript -g && npm install typings -g
IF !ERRORLEVEL! NEQ 0 goto error

Note: The .deployment, deploy.cmd files need to be placed in the root directory of your solution. You could refer to this sample project for details.

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