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R Question

how create a sequence of strings with different numbers in R

I just cant figure it out how to create a vector in which the strings are constant but the numbers are not. For example:


I'd like to use something like
seq(raster[1],raster[99], by=1)
, but this does not work.

Thanks in advance.

Answer Source

The sprintf function should also work:

rasters <- sprintf("raster[%s]",seq(1:99))
[1] "raster[1]" "raster[2]" "raster[3]" "raster[4]" "raster[5]" "raster[6]"

As suggested by Richard Scriven, %d is more efficient than %s. So, if you were working with a longer sequence, it would be more appropriate to use:

rasters <- sprintf("raster[%d]",seq(1:99))
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