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Javascript Question

regular expression to extract different parts of a url

I've a set of different urls with similar pattern and I need to extract the following from each using a regex in javascript. Is it possible to extract different pieces in one command?

  1. UUID

  2. documenttype

  3. document name (demo in this case)

  4. images/thumbnail?size=768 or images/thumbnail or images/background

  5. thumbnail or background






My attempt.


Answer Source

Assuming the structure will always be as the examples you gave, you can use:

matches = url.match(/(([a-f0-9]+\-)+[a-f0-9]+)\/(.*?)\/(.*?)\/.*(images\/([^\?]*).*$)/);
result = {
    "UUID": matches[1],
    "documentType": matches[3],
    "documentName": matches[4],
    "image": matches[5],
    "imageType": matches[6]
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