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Keeping the user's input intact when outputing to terminal at the same time

To simplify, let's say I'm trying to write a command line two-way chat in Python. I would like the user to input his message with

at the command prompt, but a listening thread could print a message at any moment. By default, this would "break" the user's input. Visually something like this:

userB>Stop interuserA wrote:Hey check this out!
rupting me!

The closest I was able to find was this answer here which is almost, but not exactly, what I'm looking for, but it did point me towards the
package which seems to be what I need (although I'm happy with an answer for any package, or even pure ANSII).

What I'm trying to achieve is to print incoming output from a Thread above the user's input, so that his text doesn't break. Let's say the user is typing:

userB>Stop inter

Suddenly a message comes in from the thread, but our user's input doesn't brake:

userA says: Ok I won't interrupt you
userB>Stop inter

What should my threads theoretical
method look like to achieve this?

NB: I'm using Linux and am not interested in cross-platform compatibility.

Answer Source

There are two ways of doing this.

One is to use ncurses. There are python bindings for this. With ncurses, the terminal screen is under your complete control, and you can print characters at any point.

Without ncurses, you can't write above the current line. What you can do, however, is print a \r character and go back to the beginning of the line.

If you save the user's input (say he wrote foo), and you want to print the line bar above that, you can output:


This will overwrite the current line, and introduce a newline, moving the user's input down. The effect is similar, but it won't be as tamper-proof as ncurses.

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