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Usecase of using AtomicStampedReference & AtomicMarkableReference

I am looking for a example of AtomicStampedReference &/or AtomicMarkableReference , that could help me understand these classes and their functions.
I am not able to get any quality examples over the web.

I can think of using these in garbage collection, but a quality example will help me understand these better.

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Practical examples (Complicated)

For AtomicMarkableReference:


For AtomicStampedReference


Simple example:

In a binary tree if you want to change a child of a parent node atomically, then compareAndSwap on an AtomicMarkableReference can be used.

In a binary tree lets say you want to flag a node atomically. Then AtomicStampedReference can be used.

The above complicated real life implementations use these two class types.